Sunday, October 21, 2007

Students' Blogs

It is always good to see students being pro-active in relation to utilising new technologies to advance their learning. Jonathan's blog at is one such example (but perhaps marketing may not be so happy about the UoC logo being used on a blog as there are strict 'rules' about what we can and cannot do with the official LOGO). Given that some of this work relates to the Internet Issues module and the Web Technologies module, it would be great if you were all happy to share your blog addresses and we could all perhaps provide feedback which may enhance their development. Let me know what you think. If staff and students from both University and Partnership schools shared their links etc, just think how much information we would generate on topics of mutual interest.
The Techie stuff - now that you have had the fun of creating your blog, try to look underneath the structure of the blog in relation to what is happening in terms of uploads, downloads, file compression, changes to HTML template, photobooth imaging for the avatar etc. Lots to think about here.

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