Sunday, May 20, 2007

E-Learning Conference

I am delivering a hands-on session at the college's e-learning conference and started to put together all the stuff I would deliver about Blogs. It is amazing how much information is out there about Web 2.0 social software (see and how it is being used un higher education and research. There is currently a lot of talk about the arrival of Web 3.0 - the semantic web and although I would not usually advocate Wikipedia, it is worth checking out the information from if you want to find out more (also

Back to the Blog session. I will likely be asked - what is a blog anyway? - as I titled the session at Friday's conference "Create a blog from Scratch - for beginners and luddites!" I have so far come up with this list:

-A website which contains periodic chronologically ordered posts on a common webpage
-Online journals where content is arranged in reversed chronological order
-Similar to Discussion groups
-Simple content management tools enabling non-experts to build easily updatable web diaries or online journals

Used for :-

Collaborative activity
Aggregative content management
Collective intelligence of users
Repurposing/remixing online information and knowledge repositories
Online social interaction
Sharing resources, knowledge, experiences and responsibilities

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