Thursday, December 28, 2006


For the creative students amongst you, have a look at today's recommended site at
Also on the theme of sharing and collaboration check out
Lots of useful links there.

Existing Blogs

There is an interesting blog at
Are we moving to the virtual classroom? Will we have a more 'Open University' style of education?

Training to be a teacher

Training to be a teacher is a difficult job. To ensure progression in learning, requires carefully crafted progressive teaching which in turn, involves lots of planning, implementation, evaluation etc. Hopefully, through the postings here on this blog (updated daily) we can provide loads of resources, sharing of ideas and innovation and creativity.
Today's entry is a little known web site This URL allows you to extract videos from some sites (such as YouTube) for use within your lessons. If you find a good video on YouTube, copy and paste the URL into the Keepvid site and save it. This saves you having to use a 'live' link within your lessons. As you know, access to the Internet is often problemmatic!!! More later. In the meantime, look at some of the permanent links to the bottom right of this blog.